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Ultrasound & Labs

  • Point of care (POC) obstetric ultrasounds in our office.

  • Ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy around 7-8 weeks. 

  • We can order an detailed ultrasound when needed to another imaging department or facility.

  • We refer for the 20 week anatomy ultrasound which is a full scope assessment and needs to be at a hospital or independent radiology facility.

  • In our office we can check the viability of a pregnancy if bleeding occurs, check amniotic fluid, check fetal wellbeing, fetal position and other limited-scope ultrasounds that help us guide decisions about your pregnancy.  ​


  • Lab work is common at the beginning of a pregnancy and again at 28 weeks.

  • We offer in-office blood draws for convenience and send to Labcorp for processing. Alternatively, we can give a requisition and order to be drawn at a hospital lab or other private lab.

  • NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing) and genetic testing can be obtained and sent to the lab.

  • We also offer an alternative option for the 28 week "glucola" test for gestational diabetes screening.

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