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What People Are Saying

"Lindsay is a fantastic midwife, I had the absolute best experience for two of my pregnancies / births under her care. Lindsay is kind, compassionate, professional, and the perfect calm demeanor. As an anxious pregnant mom, I loved that she always reassured me and made me feel comfortable, answering all of my questions and empowering me to make the choices I was most comfortable with. I love that Lindsay totally respects parents choices when it comes to prenatal care and birthing. I really wanted to have a water birth, but was nervous, and Lindsay's support truly helped me achieve it! Twice! In addition, as a same sex couple, we always felt extremely supported and accepted by Lindsay. Not only was Lindsay amazing during pregnancy/birth, but she really was one of my biggest supporters and advocates postpartum. She truly made me, as a brand new mom, feel very cared for and supported during such a transitional time. I struggled with breastfeeding initially and she taught me how to hand express milk so I could feed my babies, followed up often, and kept in touch. It really meant a lot to me! I highly recommend working with Lindsay".


"During three hours of pushing — after a long labor — Michelle never left my delivery room. She encouraged and guided me with humor, kindness, and patience. Michelle helped me try different positions, both for my comfort and to help labor along, many of which produced immediate, positive results. My healthy, 9-pound-4-ounce son was born safely with no interventions, and I had no tearing or other complications. I was up and walking within the hour. I credit Michelle’s skill and expertise with my positive birthing experience".



"Lindsay goes above and beyond for her patients and truly listens to their concerns. Throughout my early 20s I experienced irregular periods, mood swings, debilitating cramping, weight gain…and more. I met with over 6 OBGYNs and 2 Midwives to better understand the symptoms I was experiencing. Not only were these practitioners unable to diagnose me, but they did not believe in the severity of my symptoms. I felt invalidated, unheard and unworthy of proper medical treatment. My last ditch-effort was meeting with Lindsay. 


Lindsay did what no other practitioner had done. She listened to me. Lindsay not only provided her own understanding of my symptoms, but also connected me with additional wrap-around services that supported me through my diagnosis. Through her support and guidance I was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that impacts one in three women nationwide. Because of Lindsay’s care I have been properly diagnosed and treated, with all of my symptoms currently under control. Lindsay will go above and beyond for her patients and will not stop until she is able to meet all of their needs. Without Lindsay, I would have lost trust in the entire healthcare system as a whole. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay to anyone and everyone!"


"We have had the pleasure of working with both Michelle and Lindsay over the years. Michelle assisted with all 4 of our births. We have been honored and grown with Michelle on her journey from a doula to a midwife. Michelle is a kind and loving soul by nature, and during our births she took extra attention to support our birth plan and be the voice of reason to ensure our wishes/plans were met. Michelle has a natural demeanor that is calming, serene and encouraging. Michelle made myself and my husband feel at ease even during some of the most difficult times during our labor. She is knowledgeable in her field and is very approachable. Michelle takes the time to listen and address any concerns you might have. She has made herself available to our family and we could not thank her enough for all the effort, love and care she has provided us in our most vulnerable times. 


Lindsay was a midwife at our local birthing center in CT and helped deliver our third child at the hospital. Despite risking out of the birth center, Lindsay was willing and available to advocate for us, working  with the hospital staff to ensure we had as close to a natural unmedicated birth as possible per our birth plan. She communicated with us on any changes or recommendations that arised. She was kind and supportive, always taking the extra step to notify us of our options and possibilities. Ensuring that we were on the right path and educating us as much as possible with our decisions.


During our third birth, we were blessed to have both Michelle and Lindsay working collaboratively to assist us, we could not have asked for a better team! Our birth would not have been as close to our birth plan without the assistance and guidance of Michelle and Lindsay. 


We are excited to see such a dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable pair to support the community. We would recommend Michelle and Lindsay at Sage Willow Midwifery to all women and families near and far!"


Stephanie & Chris 

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