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Pregnancy Care

We offer flexibility and an individualized approach to care. We can customize the prenatal course with office, telehealth, and home visits. We are available on-call after hours for pregnancy complications.

  • The initial prenatal visit is a longer in-depth visit to get to know you and address all of your pregnancy questions and concerns.

  • Subsequent visits vary in length depending on your needs

  • Visits follow the traditional prenatal schedule as most obstetrical practices follow the standard of care. This is usually monthly until 28 weeks, every two weeks from 28-36 weeks, and then weekly until birth.

  • Together we can create a prenatal care package and visit schedule tailored to your needs.

  • At each visit, weight, blood pressure, abdominal assessment, and fetal heart rate with doppler will be obtained.

  • We focus on normalcy and wellness, encourage discussion, answer questions, and provide education.

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