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Postpartum Care

We provide extended postpartum care throughout the "fourth trimester". Postpartum care in many cultures and traditions involve a 40 day lying-in period for the new family. We value this tradition and provide care during this time that is focused on support and recovery. Our postpartum care differs from that traditional model where you see your OB provider for a 6 week visit.

  • Home visits are part of our postpartum care services.

    • We provide a 24hr home visit after discharge from the hospital.

    • We provide weekly visits for the first two weeks after birth and a visit at 6 weeks.

  • We provide ongoing support for the first few months postpartum.

  • We support lactation, adjustment to parenthood and screen for mental health concerns.

You can choose this extended postpartum care package even if you don't choose to have us care for you during pregnancy, labor and birth. We would like to meet prior to birth and help you plan for an optimal postpartum recovery. 

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